What’s in it for me?


The answer is: Freedom!

This answer may call for an explanation… But first the more obvious answer, which is also:  More money at the end of the day!

If any, you know that is costs money to have your vehicles and drivers sitting still out there waiting for assistance.  Therefore, fast and efficient action is desirable – sometimes even essential.

This is where we come into the picture. It’s not without reason that the name of our company is European Breakdown Service – or simply EBS.

Our highly skilled emergency dispatch centre employees use our extensive network of suppliers and partners throughout Europe to ensure that you receive the right assistance as fast and efficient as possible.
This will limit your expenses and loss of time.
We ensure to keep you posted about the situation as it evolves, which allows you to plan and respond to any delays or similar, which will also help you to limit your expenses.

This means a better bottom line. Call us to learn more.

Using our services ensures the continuous operation of your entire fleet of vehicles – fast assistance in case of breakdown improves your chances of keeping on schedule.
Using our services minimises your own need of handling and managing such breakdowns – your breakdowns are safe with us! We keep you updated and provide the right assistance.

Safety and security equal freedom!

Freedom to focus on your core area: The running of your business.
Freedom to relax when you get off from work – we handle your breakdowns around the clock, 365 days a year!

Let us talk about your needs.

European Breakdown Service ApS

European Breakdown Service Norway

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