Once upon a time…

EBS was founded in the summer of 2010 by a small handful of professionals, who over the years have worked with handling breakdowns for different haulage contractors and bus companies.

We saw a clear need in the business for an operator where customers do not come second and where the operator would be a natural extension and partner for the customer and where the best possible solution to the situation at hand would have our full attention. We wanted to deliver the best possible repair solution in the fastest possible way and with as much information as possible to allow the customer to act accordingly.

From the very beginning, we were all aware that this type of company requires the right employees that are used to independent, rational thinking and creating an overview, even when under pressure. At the same time, the job requires commitment and responsibility in each case – we like to call it ownership.

Morten Jørgensen was the founder of the company and started as the CEO and only employee. The amount of work grew rapidly and the rest of the crew quickly joined.

Our very special employees and company culture combined with efficient and innovative case management allow us to handle a huge number of cases across Europe in an efficient and proactive manner to the benefit of our customers.

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