From burning sun to cloudburst


There are thousands of examples where things go exactly as planned. Job received, job solved… Logical process, fast and efficient handling – check. But hey, it’s the rest of the stories that are interesting. The ones where it all just comes together perfectly – or falls completely apart.
The interesting part is to learn why it happened the way it did.

Let us share a few examples:


Tyre case in Denmark – time from the call to the driver being back on the road: 45 minutes. 

  • The driver calls, he knows his exact position, which is fortunately at a lay-by – standard tyre size, our service supplier just finished another job 2 kilometres away. Lucky punch…


Busted bellows in Sweden – time from the call to the driver being back on the road: 85 minutes.

  • The driver calls, knows his exact position, small load. After 5 minutes, a mechanic arrives and sees that the vehicle is okay to drive to the garage 1200 metres down the road. The bellows are replaced and the driver is back on the road. Luck is on our side again.


Trailer in Austria – from the call to case closed: 2 hours and 25 minutes.

  • The driver is not sure about his position and the extent of the damage: “Trouble with support leg, does not lower, waiting for train at the Brenner pass.” A mechanic heads to the area, arrives after 30 minutes and searches for the vehicle for 40 minutes. When he arrives and inspects the damage, it is clear that a new support leg is needed. It is wrecked. He agrees with the driver to drive to the garage to pick up parts. When the mechanic returns with new legs about 1 hour later, the trailer and truck are nowhere to be seen. Another driver at the scene states that the trailer has boarded the train and is headed to Italy and the truck has left. We receive the information from the mechanic and the case is closed.


Winch out in Germany – from call to case closed: 5 hours and 40 minutes.

  • The hauler contacts us via email requesting a winch out on a valid position. The job is described as “truck and trailer hit soft ground and need winch out.” A rescue unit is dispatched and arrives after 40 minutes. They contact us with the following information: “The driver has attempted to turn on a small road and has reversed into a field – only the front wheels are still on the road and the road is icy! We need extra assistance.” This job required two rescue vehicles and a lot of time due to the position in the field and the icy road, which meant that the rescue staff was barely able to pull the truck and trailer out of the soft field.


Of course, we encounter areas and countries in Europe, where distances, regulations, cultures and accessibility have an influence on how fast we can provide assistance and solve the problem.
We always do our very best to provide the fastest and very best solution, but sometimes, we also have to put in a lot of effort to find a solution. We refer to such cases as force majeure, but it certainly does not keep us away from continuing to do our very best to help our customers.


“Problems can be solved on the spot, impossibilities just take a little longer”

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