The owners


The owners of the company are Morten Jørgensen, CEO of the company and Orla Horsbøll, who is in charge of external customer care.


About Morten:

Owner and CEO
In 2010, Morten started EBS as the only employee to handle the business 24/7/365.
He started out with one single customer – which was even a time-limited contract. After six months, he hired an extra full-time employee. Today, the company has 12 employees.
In his career, Morten has worked with all types of rescue vehicles and sale of associated solutions, for example as a sales manager at Star Rescue.
Morten has been in the business for more than 15 years.


About Orla:

Co-owner, project manager, sales and counselling
Orla is one of the pioneers in the business as he was the founder of Horsbøll Euroservice back in the 1980s. Later, this concept was sold to Falck. For many years, Orla headed this division of Falck, but in the end did not feel that Falck’s prioritisation of the area was sufficient to live up to the customers’ requirements.
For years, Orla was the CEO and co-owner of Star Rescue, but chose in 2008 to sell his share to the two remaining shareholders, who then chose to withdraw from the Danish market.
Orla has been in the business for more than 40 years.

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Emergency dispatch centre


All employees in the emergency dispatch centre are sufficiently skilled to solve the job. All of them speak a minimum of three languages, they have the required technical know-how and last, but not least, they are responsible people with the life experience and maturity that are required to handle difficult and stressful situations where a sense of perspective and focused action is essential.

…Not to mention the fact that we all suffer from “professional pride”!


We are always on the lookout for new, professional colleagues, so feel free to contact us if the above description matches your skills. You are welcome to forward your application via email too.

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